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You've Identified a Cybercriminal. Now What?


Roel SchouwenbergRyan Flores and Righard Zwienenberg


We all enjoy the technical challenges that come with our line of work.
Depending on the type of research one is doing you may discover the possible identity of the perp running that particular bot net.
Recently there have been discussions on how to proceed after such evidence has been collected. Some argue that it's best to expose cyber-criminals and scare them into hiding, while others argue that one must wait for law enforcement investigations to have finished so the criminals can be arrested.
Most people in our industry don't have experience with police work. As such, well-intentioned actions may lead to a botched legal case and/or tipping off the criminal.
In this presentation we'll go over the pros and cons of different approaches when it comes to one of the most important issues in our industry.