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Carberp Evolution and BlackHole: Investigation Beyond the Event Horizon



In this presentation we will be discussing the evolution of the remote banking system attacks (RBS) in Russia. The year 2011 could be described as a year of tremendous growth of attacks on Russian bank clients. In this year alone the quantity of incidents relating to RBS has doubled. The profits available to the malefactor’s are almost beyond imagining; one controller of bank botnet could bring millions in profit to its herder. We will concentrate on these issues with specific reference to examples of incidents associated with the largest cybercriminal group in Russia, employing one of the most dangerous malware families to date: Win32/Carberp: our statistics indicate, among other things, that In November Carberp detections increased up to four times in the Russian region. We will also look at the ways in which this group is cooperating with the developers of the Hodprot, RDPdoor and Sheldor trojans. The presentation starts with a description of the propagation techniques used to deliver Carberp to its victim’s machines from a large number of legitimate web sites, using the BlackHole exploit kit. Different types of attacks used to target the clients of major Russian banks are also considered. Then we will move on to deep in-depth analysis of Сarberp’s features and its evolution in time (webinjects, targeted attacks on RBS, bypassing detections with bootkit technology). Particular attention will be devoted to the bootkit component and the related capabilities which have appeared in the most recent modification of the malware. Finally, we will show the way that the server-side C&C code works and how the client’s money is stolen with a set of dedicated plugins.


The presentation is available from the ESET site.