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HTML5 - A Whole New Attack Vector


Robert McArdle


HTML5 opens up a wide and wonderful new world for Web Designers to explore - bringing fantastic new features that were previously only possible via Flash or horribly over-complicated Javascript. And HTML5 is not a future technology - chances are your favourite browser already has excellent support built in (unless you are still using IE)
In this talk we will look at HTML5 from an attackers view-point. Because not only does HTML5 bring us Semantic web, editable content, inbuilt form validation, local storage, awesome video support and the long overdue death of <div> - it also opens up a host of new opportunities for attackers.
We'll look at some of the troublesome new attacks that this new HTML5 standard introduces, how attackers can leverage these attacks to cause untold havoc on your machine, and how - with a little bit of help from some not so over-complicated Javascript - we can build Botnets in your Browser!


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